Uberti: Modern Makers of Classic Heirlooms

When the word replica is used today it is usually accompanied by sarcastic subtext and smirking smiles. There is a general acceptance today that replicas are bad. Fake. Something to spend $5 on when in Hong Kong. A replica is never AS good or worth AS much as an original. Uberti proves the exception to this rule. Holding the weight and beauty of one of these machines just feels… right. I had an entire gun store, staff and patrons alike, marveling at a 166-year-old gun design. In a world of plastic wonder nines and AR’s, it was something unique. More than that, the workmanship that goes into these guns is truly amazing. With modern metal and machining, these beauties are built to a strength tolerance that the big irons of the 1800’s just can’t compare with. Which, when you’re buying an heirloom or something that you intend to shoot constantly, insures that they last. I highly suggest the Uberti line of replica firearms. They are a piece of history.

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