Lights! Camera! BANG! BANGBANG!

Hollywood seems to have a dichotomous relationship with firearms. A very large percentage of movies produced feature guns in one way or another. Many are chosen due to a unique look over functionality or period correctness, for example, a Sharps Rifle being in Django Unchained 20 years before they were invented. However, the number of people that would know and notice such a thing is few. The number of people that care, fewer. I can’t fault movie inconsistencies because sometimes something is just too damn cool to pass on.

Ed Harris and a cartridge converted LeMat. May not exist in reality but damn, is it cool!

I do like being able to recognize a particular gun while watching a movie, it’s something I take a personal pride in. A guilty pleasure that I just have to share with anyone unfortunate enough to be watching the movie with me. While my family has always owned a gun or two (or 15), my personal interest in old guns started as a kid watching Tombstone, True Grit, and the absolutely outrageous The Quick and The Dead. It was a start if a vastly misinformed one but sometimes that’s what it takes.

If you find yourself interested in little, old oddities like me, check out Forgotten Weapons. It has been one of my greatest resources. You never know when you’ll find your thing. This may be it!