“I’m your Razzle Dazzle.”

Are we there yet?

An extensive part of my childhood summers were spent in the back of our family van as my parents suffered fights, tantrums, and similar unruliness of their kids. We would whirlwind from one Midwest town to the next, always looking for the quintessential cowboy experience. Rodeos, trail-rides, pictures with cardboard John Waynes, we did it all – every summer, while I pulled my sister’s pony tail and she broke my favorite Batman toy and my parents drowned us out with Marty Robbins singing about a town called El Paso. It was chaotic, frustrating, and beautiful. My father told me once that there are no happy moments, just happy memories. Those are happy memories. They shaped my life more than anything else. My heroes were those that immortalized that era in film. The virtuousness of Roy Rogers, the American grit of John Wayne, the steel resolve of Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen, all were added to my list of idols. The music of Marty Robbins, The Sons of the Pioneers, the Bar-J Wranglers was my childhood soundtrack.

I very much wanted to be a cowboy gunslinger as a kid. Really, I wanted to be what I thought was a gunslinger; a steely man that could silence a saloon with a look, confidently stride to the bar, and ask the tender with squinted eyes, “Ehh whats up, Doc?”

Belt & Holster fulfills two purposes. The most important, for me at least, is that it allows me to live what I love. I absolutely love gun mechanics and development. I love history, storytelling, and, most of all, I love shooting. The second purpose is that I get to share that love with all of you!